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  • Network+ Fundamentals 
    August 23 – October 27, 2021  
  • Aws Foundations Extended  
    October 4 – December 8, 2021 
  • Security+ Fundamentals       
    November 1 – December 8, 2021 



AWS Cloud Foundations, Extended 

This course provides cloud computing curriculum that prepares participants to pursue industry-recognized certifications and in-demand cloud jobs. To get started on the cloud-based career path, participants need to begin with AWS Academy Cloud Foundations. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. This course also serves as a prerequisite for Associate and Specialty AWS Academy courses. Participants who successfully complete the exam earn the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification and badge, an industry-recognized and stackable certification.  


CompTIA Network+    

This course prioritizes the essential elements of network devices, traffic, and functions, and is ideal for IT professionals desiring to create virtualized networks and develop their network troubleshooting abilities. Network creation and maintenance are vital to nearly all businesses that have an online presence or rely on online data storage and management. Upon completing this course, participants will be ready to take the CompTIA Network+ certifying exam that leads to an industry-recognized and stackable credential. 


CompTIA Security+ 

This course emphasizes hands-on practical skills essential to those entering into the IT security profession. IT security jobs are in high demand. From credit card companies and healthcare facilities to online stores and universities, online data security is vital. Security+ focuses on the latest trends and techniques in risk management, risk mitigation, threat management, and intrusion detection. Participants can apply the knowledge gained from this course to the CompTIA Security+ certification exam and earn an industry-recognized and stackable credential in cybersecurity. 


Career opportunities include network and computer systems administrators, information security analysts, software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers. 


Participant Requirements: AWS Cloud Foundations, Extended — participants need low-to-basic IT technical knowledge and low-to basic IT business knowledge before starting this course. CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ — participants should have general IT knowledge or CompTIA IT Fundamentals training.