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Nurses are hands-on health professionals who provide focused and highly personalized care. They are also in demand — employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 11% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Credentials include certificates in practical nursing, assocate degrees in registered nursing, and more. 


Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics respond to emergencies, from someone who may be having a heart attack in their home to multi-vehicle accidents on the highway. They provide first-line medical or emergency care for sick and injured people at the scene, which may be in the person’s home, at an accident site or other places and while they are being transported to the hospital for care. They typically operate in teams with one person serving as an emergency vehicle operator while the other continues to provide life-saving emergency care to the patient en route to a medical facility.


Dental Health 

There is a great demand for dental team positions like dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental lab technicians. Hygienists and dental assistants interact closely with patients to ensure a high level of care, while dental lab technicians work behind-the-scenes, designing the dentures, crowns and braces used by dentists. All dental team careers are well paid with flexible hours. 


Medical Technology 

As medical technology expands, the need for trained professionals to maintain and interpret that technology grows. That is why the demand for medical and clinical laboratory technicians is expected to increase by nearly 7 percent in the coming years. Professionals in this field can expect to earn up to $70,000 as a median annual salary and more than 8,000 jobs are expected to be added in New Mexico between 2018 and 2028.



A pharmacy technician is an assistant to a pharmacist with much less training. As the need for prescription medications expands, so too does the demand for this particular career. Nearly 3,000 jobs for pharmacy technicians are expected to be added in the New Mexico by 2028. Professionals in this field can expect to make a median annual salary of $34,650.

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Apprenticeships - Earn While You Learn

Earn. Learn. Succeed. In apprenticeship, you earn a paycheck from day one, and in many instances with guaranteed raises as your skill level increases. Healthcare apprenticeships in New Mexico include:

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Licensed Practical Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse
Education: Certificate
Annual mean wage: $48,330
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