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Industry Overview

STEM includes as many as 184 occupations. People in STEM careers use scientific, technological, engineering, and or mathematical processes to do research and solve problems. The problems they approach are as different as growing enough food, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, developing medicines to treat mental illness, and creating computers that enhance our lives. Their career focus can be as small as a nanoparticle or as large as the universe. While some jobs take place in front of a computer or in a laboratory, others require people to work in outdoor environments. Employers who are likely to hire STEM qualified workers include engineering companies; federal, state, and local government; scientific research companies; colleges and universities; and medical device manufacturers. Many STEM careers require at least an associate degree or higher.


Training & Education

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Financial Aid

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Average Weekly Wage (2020)


Projected Employment

Apprenticeships - Earn While You Learn

Earn. Learn. Succeed. In apprenticeship, you earn a paycheck from day one, and in many instances with guaranteed raises as your skill level increases. STEM apprenticeships in New Mexico include:

Related Occupations

Education: Doctoral or professional degree
Annual mean wage: $167,200
Electrical Engineers
Education: Bachelor's degree
Annual mean wage: $116,110
Engineering Technicians
Education: Associate's degree
Annual mean wage: $78,160

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