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Covid Safe Practices

Living in a COIVD-positive world requires discipline from all of us. In order to decrease the spread of COVID-19, allowing businesses, restaurants, and schools to reopen safely, it is imperative we adhere to COVID safe practices. 


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Contact Information

Coronavirus Health Hotline

For HEALTH related questions about Coronavirus call 1-855-600-3453


Coronavirus Information Hotline

For questions about school closures, job issues, etc. call 1-833-551-0518


NMDOH Coronavirus website

For information and resources for all things COVID-19 visit cv.nmhealth.org

New Mexico, let's move from Red to Green

In order to prevent and lessen the effects of the spread of the virus counties where the virus is more prevalent will operate under more restrictive public health measures. Likewise, counties where the virus has been or is being suppressed will operate under less restrictive measures. Counties will operate under one of four levels: Red, signifying very high risk; Yellow, signifying high risk; Green, signifying medium risk; and Turquoise, signifying low risk.


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COVID-19 Vaccine Questions

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